Driven Racing Oil developed the original high zinc, petroleum and low detergent break-in oil over twenty years ago. Break in oil is a specialty oil that reduces wear and contaminates when breaking in a new high-performance engine. It provides controlled friction for your piston rings and incredible protection that helps your camshafts break in properly.

Driven Racing Oil - The Pioneers of Break-In Oil

We developed our engine break-in oil to fix our flat tappet camshaft problems. Just changing to the BR Break-In Oil from off-the-shelf products, we virtually eliminated break-in failures.

The secret to solving the problem was as simple as tailoring the chemistry to meet the application. Our engine shop started to put to the test a new custom oil blend that was specifically optimized for the break-in period. As a result, we birthed the first high zinc, petroleum and low-detergent break-in oil to the engine building industry.