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15W-50 OIL

15W-50 engine oil is the industry standard for high-performance engines. You can find several oil types for motorsports, turbocharged engines, or any application where the engine is put through a lot of pressure. Driven Racing Oil offers several forms of 15W-50 oil, including conventional, synthetic, and break-in oil.


Why 15W-50 Is the Right Viscosity for High-Performance Engines

The "15W-50" designation in engine oil refers to its viscosity rating, which is a measure of its thickness or resistance to flow. The "15W" represents its viscosity rating at colder temperatures, specifically during startup and when the engine is cold. The "50" refers to the the engine oil's viscosity rating when running at higher operating temperatures.

15W-50 oil is considered a perfect oil viscosity for high-performance engines for several reasons:

    • Viscosity Stability:

      High-performance applications require the engine to operate at higher temperatures, which places a greater demand on the engine oil. Since 15W-50 has a "50" viscosity ratting, it can uphold its protective properties and lubrication even in extreme heat. As a result, you can expect less metal-to-metal contact and general engine wear.

    • Film Strength:The higher oil viscosity provides a thicker oil film between moving engine components. This kind of optimal lubrication reduces friction, a crucial factor when running a high-performance engine at high RPMs. The increased film strength offers smoother operation and better performance long-term.
    • Oil Pressure:

      High-performance applications typically require a higher oil pressure for optimal cooling and lubrication. 15W-50 oil has excellent oil pressure capabilities, preventing oil starvation and consistent performance.

    • Sealing Properties:

      The slightly thicker consistency of 15W-50 motor oil can help improve the sealing between the piston rings and cylinder walls, reducing blow-by and maintaining optimal compression. This can be beneficial for high-performance engines that rely on maximum power output.

15W-50 Synthetic Oil vs Conventional

The Case for Synthetic

Synthetic 15W-50 oil offers improved performance and enhanced engine protection compared to conventional oils. The unique oil formulation provides better engine protection and lubrication at higher temperatures. Synthetic oils typically have better resistance to oxidation, which leads to less wear and a cleaner engine. 15W-50 synthetic oil also has better viscosity stability, making it an excellent choice for colder temperatures.

The Case for Conventional

Conventional 15W-50 oil is still a viable option for certain applications. It's also usually more cost-effective than synthetic oil which is great if you're on a budget. 15W-50 conventional oil still offers excellent lubrication and protection - especially for standard engines at regular operating temperatures. However, synthetic 15W-50 is still better if you're running a high-performance engine.