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15W-40 OIL

15W-40 engine oil is commonly used in diesel engines and some gasoline engines. It offers excellent stability, engine protection and high-temperature performance for heavy-duty diesel and high performance engines. Find the perfect 15W-40 oil for your engine right here at Driven Racing Oil.


Why 15W-40 Oil Is Great for Diesel Engines

15W-40 oil is particularly well-suited for diesel engines due to its specific properties and performance characteristics.

High Temperature Stability

Due to their need for higher power-to-weight ratios, diesel engines typically need to be more tolerant of higher temperatures. 15W-40 oil is specifically formulated to withstand elevated temperatures.It retains all the viscosity and lubrication it needs to provide excellent engine protection under extreme conditions.

Enhanced Wear Protection

15W-40 oil is designed with robust anti-wear additives that form a protective film on engine surfaces. This film reduces friction and minimizes wear on critical components such as the pistons, cylinder walls, and bearings, ensuring longer engine life.

Cold-Start Protection

Diesel engines can be tough to start in cold weather due to their need for higher temperatures to ignite their fuel. The "15W" rating of 15W-40 oil indicates that it has good flow characteristics at low temperatures. This enables the oil to reach critical engine components quickly during startup, reducing wear and facilitating smoother cold starts.

Can You Use 15W-40 Oil in a Gas Engine?

While 15W-40 oil is typically used in diesel engines, it can be used in some gas engines. It's vital to the capability with your engine manufacturer's guidelines for optimal performance and protection.