Collection: 10W-40 OIL

10W-40 OIL

10W-40 motor oil is a popular choice among car owners and mechanics because of its versatility and ability to perform in a wide range of temperatures. The "10W" refers to the oil's viscosity rating in colder temperatures, while the "40" represents its rating in hotter temperatures. This means that 10W-40 engine oil can provide sufficient protection to your engine in both cool winter mornings and hot summer afternoons.

So if you want to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, check out our several 10W-40 oils here at Driven Racing Oil. We carry conventional, synthetic, and semi-synthetic 10W-40 oils for a wide range of applications.


Benefits of 10W-40 Oil

Improved Engine Performance

10W-40 motor oil is formulated to withstand high engine temperatures and provide superior lubrication to vital engine components. This can result in better engine performance, faster acceleration, and increased power.

High-Level Wear Protection

When engines are pushed to their limits in racing and other demanding applications, they are more prone to wear and tear. 10W-40 engine oil provides extra protection against friction and wear, helping to extend the life of your engine parts.

Better Fuel Efficiency

Opting for a reliable engine oil like 10W-40 can also help to improve fuel efficiency, which is especially important for racing and other high-performance applications where every drop of fuel counts.

How to Choose the Right 10W-40 Motor Oil

When it comes to choosing the right 10W-40 engine oil, consider your application and performance needs. For hot rods and classics, our HR5 and HR6 10W-40 motor oils are an excellent choice since they contain storage protection additives.

For racing and high-performance driving, our XP7 and XP9 oils are suitable for their ability to perform in higher temperatures and high compression situations.