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5W-30 OIL

5W-30 engine oil is a high-quality lubricant specifically designed for modern engines, offering a winning combination of viscosity and performance. The "5W" indicates the oil's viscosity rating, highlighting its excellent flow characteristics at colder temperatures. This ensures smooth startups and proper lubrication even in chilly conditions. The "30" represents its viscosity rating at higher operating temperatures, providing optimal protection and performance during normal engine operation. As industry leaders in automotive lubrication, we offer a meticulously engineered 5W-30 oil that exceeds industry standards.


Benefits of 5W-30 Engine Oil for High-Performance Engines

    • Superior Engine Protection:

      Our 5W-30 engine oil is engineered by experts who understand the ins and outs of high-performance engines. With advanced additives and a precisely balanced formulation, it provides excellent protection against friction, wear, and heat buildup. Trust in our oil to safeguard critical engine components and extend the life of your engine.

    • Optimal Performance:

      When it comes to maximizing the potential of your high-performance vehicle, every detail counts. Our 5W-30 motor oil is designed to deliver exceptional lubrication, reducing friction and allowing your engine to operate at its peak capabilities. Experience enhanced horsepower, smoother acceleration, and improved fuel efficiency with 5W-30 oil.

    • Temperature Stability:

      High-performance engines generate significant heat during operation. Driven Racing Oil's 5W-30 formulation offers exceptional temperature stability, ensuring consistent lubrication and protection under extreme conditions. Whether you're pushing your engine to the limit on the track or tackling challenging road conditions, our oil remains stable.

    • Engine Longevity:

      Investing in high-quality engine oil is an investment in the longevity of your engine. Our 5W-30 oil helps reduce internal wear, minimize deposits, and prevent harmful sludge buildup. By keeping your engine clean and well-lubricated, our oil promotes long-term durability, preserving the performance and reliability of your prized vehicle.

Explore Our Variety of 5W-30 Engine Oils

Driven Racing Oil offers a wide range of 5W-30 engine oils to help your engine unleash its full potential. 5W-30 synthetic oil is excellent at providing high shear and temperature protection. We also offer 5W-30 break-in oil if you need a reliable lubricant while breaking in your new engine.Our conventional 5W-30 racing oil is a cost-effective solution for versatile performance.