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Driven Racing Oil

HVL High Viscosity Lubricant - 8 oz bottle

HVL High Viscosity Lubricant - 8 oz bottle

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HVL High Viscosity Lubricant - 8 oz bottle


Multi-Use Lubricant With Superior Film Thickness and Tack. Driven HVL is formulated with our GP-1 Pennsylvania Base Oil For Ultimate Cling & Tack

High viscosity assembly lubricant (HVL) provides a tenacious yet fluid film to protect reciprocating and rotating components during assembly and initial break-in. This non-foaming product mixes with the break-in oil and extends the oil film thickness during the critical break-in process. Fortified with ZDDP. Apply to engine bearings, piston skirts, bushings, timing chains and gears, as well as oil pump gears. HVL will not harden or cause parts to become "sticky."


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