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Driven Racing Oil

BR 15W-50 Conventional Break-In Oil

BR 15W-50 Conventional Break-In Oil

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BR 15W-50 Conventional Break-In Oil


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Driven BR will be changing to Driven BR50 in 2024! Same awesome formula and 15W-50 viscosity just a new name on the label. This was done to make the product easier to identify from our other Break-In oils such as BR30 & BR40.

Recommended by multiple cam manufacturers, this unique petroleum break-in oil provides optimum levels of Zinc and Phosphorus for flat tappet and aggressive roller valve trains, and the additive package promotes ring seal. Provides maximum protection available for cams and lifters during initial break-in. Does not require additional ZDDP additives. Good for full power pulls on the dyno, one night of racing or up to 400 miles on the street. Viscosity typical of 15W-50.

Driven BR is a Break-In oil and should only be used for engine Break-In. This engine oil will NOT MEET any current API or OEM Engine Oil Specifications as it is formulated specifically for engine Break-In only


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