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Driven Racing Oil

Extreme Pressure Spline Grease - 1/2 lb. Tub

Extreme Pressure Spline Grease - 1/2 lb. Tub

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Spline Grease - 1/2 lb. Tub

Protects Cambered Axle Drive Flanges, Sprint Car Drivelines & Much More

A premium extreme pressure grease with greater load carrying and a higher dropping point than traditional lithium greases. EPC delivers exceptional mechanical stability for improved protection. Designed for high temperature and high load applications.

* 1/2 lb. Tub

* Engineered for race applications with sliding spline teeth operating at high temperatures & RPM's: Driven Racing Oil Spline
Grease utilizes a high viscosity synthetic base, proprietary anti-wear additives & a Polyurea thickener that is specifically
developed to extend durability.

* High viscosity synthetic base stocks create enhanced thermal stability and oxidation resistance, while the robust anti-wear
additive package is fortified with Moly for excellent wear protection. Meanwhile, the Polyurea thickener controls oil loss
from the grease in extreme temperature environments.


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