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Driven Racing Oil

Injector Defender Gasoline - 10 oz. Bottle

Injector Defender Gasoline - 10 oz. Bottle

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Injector Defender Gasoline - 10 oz. Bottle

Prevents harmful corrosion due to today’s Ethanol-blended and poor-quality gasoline. Not only does Injector Defender restore performance and protect fuel injection systems from performance-robbing deposits, it also provides fuel stabilization and preservation. This additive provides a pour-in solution that will not harm sensors in all fuel-injected cars, trucks, motorcycles and marine engines. Each 10-ounce bottle treats up to 25 gallons of gasoline.

Proper Use: Add the entire bottle Driven's Injector Defender when you have half a tank of gas. Immediately fill to full tank. This insures you have the proper mixture for your application.


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