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Driven Racing Oil

Injector Defender Diesel - 10 oz. Bottle

Injector Defender Diesel - 10 oz. Bottle

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Injector Defender Diesel - 10 oz. Bottle


Features a unique detergent that prevents injector deposits by dispersing particles and contaminants in the fuel, allowing them to pass through injectors without clogging. Not only does Injector Defender Diesel provide protection against new deposits, it can also clean up current ones, restore diesel engine performance and improve fuel mileage. In addition, Injector Defender Diesel boosts Cetane, improves low temperature fuel flow, and increases lubricity to reduce injector and fuel pump wear. Injector Defender Diesel is a true all-in-one Diesel performance fuel additive. Each 10-ounce bottle of Injector Defender Diesel treats up to 100 litres of fuel (26.42 Gallons).

Proper Use: Add the entire bottle Driven's Injector Defender when you have half a tank of gas. Immediately fill to full tank. This insures you have the proper mixture for your application.


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