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Driven Racing Oil

GP-1 Conventional SAE 40

GP-1 Conventional SAE 40

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GP-1 Conventional SAE 40

• Formulated for Antique Heavy Duty-Military Engine Applications and other Antique Vehicle Restorations. Can also be used in vintage race applications, or other performance applications where a 40 Grade is needed
• Pennsylvania Grade Base Oil for Optimum Anti-Wear Performance
• High Zinc Content o Also includes Moly
• Prevents Leaks
• Separates Water Contamination
• Higher Pressure-Viscosity Coefficient
• Modern Additive Technology in a Vintage Formulation
• Compatible with Methanol, E85, and High-Octane Race Fuels.

GP-1 Conventional SAE 40 - 1 Gallon (each) or 4 Gallons (case)



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  •  Driven Racing Oil


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