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(07) 3808 1986

The latest video from Driven Racing Oil™ is designed to the help the viewer understand oil viscosity and its relationship to their engine – which in turn unlocks the ability to improve fuel economy, reduce wear and increase horsepower.

Viscosity is the single most important property of a lubricant. Watch as Lake Speed Jr., Certified Lubrication Specialist at Driven Racing Oil, goes into detail about just what all those various viscosity numbers and letters on oil bottles really mean. For instance the “W” that you see so often doesn’t stand for “weight,” it actually means “winter.” That’s because oil viscosity changes with temperature. Speed also uses real world examples–think maple syrup on pancakes–to demonstrate oil thickness, and clarifies the difference between viscosity grade and viscosity index. The video also explains how the variety of engine temperatures in Pro Stock, Sprint Cup and World of Outlaws Sprint Car engines means they each need oils with different viscosity levels to operate most efficiently.

Viscosity 101 Video

Other Driven Racing Oil videos are available on YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/DrivenRacingOil

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