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(07) 3808 1986

Lower your operating cost by following the Joe Gibbs Driven oil change interval program. Joe Gibbs Racing doesn’t stop to change their oil before 500 laps, so why should you? When you start off with a 5W-20 in a 860 hp engine, it can’t shear and breakdown during the race. Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oil is built to not lose viscosity during 500 mile races, so it provides the same protection even after 500 miles of racing. Here’s the proof!

Cost saving flyer - larsen By changing your oil filter every 100 laps, even dirt and methanol fueled cars can run more laps between oil changes. Here’s how you do it. Every 100 laps, change the oil filterafter warming up the engine. Replace the oil lost during the filter change. Keep changing the oil filter and topping off the oil level every 100 laps until you’ve run 500 laps. After 500 laps, change the oil and filter, and then start over. Injected alcohol engines should convert 100 laps to 2 nights of racing.


Cost saving flyer - Day

Following this program can save you $40 per oil change! Not to mention that you are using a premium quality oil that provides race proven protection for over 500 miles!




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