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(07) 3808 1986
(07) 3808 1986


Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines. Viscosity typical of SAE 5W-20.


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Synthetic 5W-20

Competition Proven To Deliver Maximum Power & Protection
Proven to handle 500 miles of competition at over 9500 RPM, XP1 utilizes multiple synthetic base oils for increased durability under higher loads. Formulated with proprietary anti-wear and friction reducing additives to fight valve train wear and increase horsepower. Ideal for high RPM and high output engines with tight clearances. Perfect track car oil for naturally aspirated Honda, Scion and Subaru engines. Ideal for Briggs & Stratton Animal and Flathead engines running Methanol. Also great for V-Twin style racing engines. Compatible with methanol and high octane race fuels. Used by Joe Gibbs Racing in all their unrestricted engines.

  • Viscosity Typical of SAE 5W-20
  • High Temp High Sheer Protection
  • Friction Reducing Additives
  • ZDDP Anti-Wear Package
  • Extended Oil Change Intervals


  • High RPM & High Output Engines w/ Tight Clearances
  • Perfect Track Car Oil for Naturally Aspirated Honda, Scion & Subaru Engines
  • Briggs & Stratton Animal & Flathead Engines Running Methanol
  • V-Twin Style Racing Engines

Also Available In:

  • Case of (12) Quarts – Part #00007
  • 2.5 Gallon Jug – Part #00014
  • 54 Gallon Drum – Part #00020



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