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Joe Gibbs Driven Racing Oils are specially formulated for the specific needs to racing engines. Our engineers and engine builders at Joe Gibbs Racing have put in countless hours perfecting our oil to maximize horsepower and protect vital parts. Our line of semi-synthetic oils offer improved high temperature shear and oxidation stability compared to mineral oils without the higher cost of a full synthetic.

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0 thoughts on “Semi-Synthetic Racing Oils

  1. Hi, I'm interested in this product to use in my Mitsubishi EVO IX. Can you send me any more details on this oil? I currently use Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85. Do you sell these in larger quanities, like 5L?

  2. Have steel block ls stroker fully rebuilt with  high compression around 600 hp and bearings at .0025 what  oil should I buy to run for street and track use please .




  3. Hi , 

    I' building tow  434  Ford Cleaveland that  aiming for  750 hp on 98 , it is a weekend warrier and driven in  dry weather only ,  no stop start driving  and some Drag work . I'm running coated bearings and have clearence in the .0022 big ends  and  .0025 mains . I run a mechanical roller camshaft with 250 lb seat pressue. Engine runs a vacumme pump and has the abilty to be steped up . 

    I built similar combination that went 766hp , these heads have similar flow figures with a smaller port. 

    I would like an oil recommendatiuon for the dyno and then for normal use.  


    Thanks In Advance 

    Brett Preston 

    Muscle Car Garage 

    Perth Western Australia