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    CSP – Coolant System Protector

    Impurities in well water can cause rust and corrosion inside the radiator, water pump and cylinder heads, and this can lead to a loss of cooling efficiency. Joe Gibbs Driven Coolant System Protector stops the adverse effect of hard water better than the leading brand of coolant additives


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0 thoughts on “Coolant System Products

  1. Hi, I'm interested in this product to use in my Mitsubishi EVO IX. Can you send me any more details on this oil? I currently use Penrite Pro Gear 75W-85. Do you sell these in larger quanities, like 5L?

  2. Have steel block ls stroker fully rebuilt with  high compression around 600 hp and bearings at .0025 what  oil should I buy to run for street and track use please .




  3. Hi , 

    I' building tow  434  Ford Cleaveland that  aiming for  750 hp on 98 , it is a weekend warrier and driven in  dry weather only ,  no stop start driving  and some Drag work . I'm running coated bearings and have clearence in the .0022 big ends  and  .0025 mains . I run a mechanical roller camshaft with 250 lb seat pressue. Engine runs a vacumme pump and has the abilty to be steped up . 

    I built similar combination that went 766hp , these heads have similar flow figures with a smaller port. 

    I would like an oil recommendatiuon for the dyno and then for normal use.  


    Thanks In Advance 

    Brett Preston 

    Muscle Car Garage 

    Perth Western Australia