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KSE Racing Products Endorses Driven Racing Oil™ CSP And Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate

Huntersville, NC – KSE Racing Products has recently begun advocating for the use of Driven Racing Oil™ CSP (Coolant System Protector) and Carb Defender™ Race Concentrate, providing Driven with increased name recognition and sales potential at more than 150 KSE dealers worldwide.

Based just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, KSE Racing Products supplies some of the racing world’s most notable oval track teams, including the likes of Tony Stewart Racing and Kasey Kahne Racing. The renowned company specializes in fluid-power-based products including power steering pumps, steering gears, water pumps and tandem power steering/fuel pumps, making Driven corrosion-inhibiting products ideal companion purchases.

CSP is designed to protect engines from the deposits and corrosion that result from coolants mixed with non-distilled water. It is the perfect choice for use in KSE’s crank-driven water pumps used in various Sprint Car applications. Meanwhile, Carb Defender Race Concentrate utilizes special corrosion inhibitors to prevent damage and diminished performance caused by fuels containing Methanol, Ethanol and the moisture these fuels attract. Race Concentrate is ideal for KSE’s line of fuel pumps, especially those used in Modified and Late Model racing.

“We take great pride in the quality of our fluid-power-based products and we feel that proper maintenance on these systems is the major difference between finding yourself in Victory Lane and finding yourself with a DNF,” said Dan Korrect, KSE VP/Product Engineer. “We were introduced to Driven Racing Oil’s line of corrosion-inhibitor products for the coolant and fuel systems a few years ago and we’ve found that they can help protect your investment by increasing overall product life. We see a lot of our products come in for annual rebuild services and there is undoubtedly a performance advantage to systems using corrosion inhibitors because of the difference seen on internal wear patterns, as well as the improved finish of internal housings and pumping elements.”

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