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What makes Carb Defender™ different from all the other Ethanol additives at my local parts store? Carb Defender™ provides powerful and targeted protection for carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps against corrosive damage and gummy deposits caused by Ethanol blended fuels (E10 up to E98). No other product is formulated for the specific needs of Carburetors – corrosion and deposit protection as well as conditioning seals and diaphragms. Typically, one size fits all fuel additives are designed for modern fuel injection engines, but Carb Defender™ provides powerful protection specifically for Carburetors and related fuel system components. Ethanol is highly corrosive, in fact, Ethanol blended fuel is not transported in pipelines due to the risk of damage to the pipeline. Imagine what this does to your carburetor over time. Carb Defender™ provides the corrosion protection your carburetor needs.

Is Carb Defender™ a fuel stabilizer or is that something different? Carb Defender™ does not claim to stabilize fuel or eliminate moisture. Carb Defender™ protects your carb from the effects of moisture and degraded fuel.

Do I really need Carb Defender™ with every fill-up? For maximum protection, it is recommended to use Carb Defender™ with each full tank of fuel. It is critical to use Carb Defender™ prior to and during storage of the vehicle. This allows the Carb Defender™ to establish the protective chemical shield against the moisture and fuel. Continual use ensures continual protection.

Does damage happen quickly or is it really a result of long term vehicle storage? While corrosive damage generally occurs over time (especially so during long term storage), performance robbing deposits occur during normal operation, so Carb Defender™ provides protection for when you are driving the vehicle as well as when it is in storage.

Will Carb Defender™ have negative effects on sensors or exhaust system? No, Carb Defender™ does not harm emissions control equipment.

Can I use Carb Defender™ in Marine and Small Engine engines? Carb Defender™ can be used in both Marine and Small Engine applications. Carb Defender™ protects against the corrosion and deposits typically found in both Marine and Small Engine applications. The high levels of moisture in the fuel typically found in both Marine and Small Engine applications benefit from the world class corrosion and deposit protection provided by carb defender.

Where do I buy Carb Defender™? You can purchase Carb Defender™ via our online store, from your local speed shop or from mail order companies.

What other precautions can I take to protect my vehicle/fuel system? It is best to store your vehicle with the gas tank either completely full or empty. A partial tank will absorb more moisture and degrade the quality of the fuel. No additive can restore the quality of degraded fuel, nor can any additive completely prevent the degradation of fuel. Carb Defender™ can protect your carburetor and fuel system components from corrosive damage due to Ethanol-blended fuel. 

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