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(07) 3808 1986
(07) 3808 1986

OIL TODAY VS. YESTERDAY Today’s engine oils are not the same as they were even a few years ago. Phosphorus and Zinc Reduction Phosphorus degrades catalytic converters Zinc & Phosphorus content unlimited before 1993 Phosphorus now limited to max 800 ppm (API SM / ILSAC GF-4) Mandated for 10W-30 and lower – still occurring in… Continue reading

Car Type Engine Oil Gear Oil Other ASPHALT CIRCLE TRACK Crate Late Model – Ford and Dodge Crate Late Model – GM 2 BBL Late Model Super Late Model – Race Super Late Model – Qualifying Stock Cars – Cup/Nationwide/Truck – Open Stock Cars – Cup/Nationwide/Truck – Restrictor Plate NASCAR Spec Engines Pavement Modifieds –… Continue reading

Regardless of terminology, Fast “Burn” or Activation Temperature, the concept is the same – ZDDP chemistry requires heat and load to initiate the chemical reaction that forms the phosphate glass film that provides the sacrificial anti-wear film. With regards to the different types and names of Zinc (ZDDP, ZDP, ZDTP, etc…), they are just naming… Continue reading