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(07) 3808 1986

Car Type Engine Oil Gear Oil Other ASPHALT CIRCLE TRACK Crate Late Model – Ford and Dodge Crate Late Model – GM 2 BBL Late Model Super Late Model – Race Super Late Model – Qualifying Stock Cars – Cup/Nationwide/Truck – Open Stock Cars – Cup/Nationwide/Truck – Restrictor Plate NASCAR Spec Engines Pavement Modifieds –… Continue reading

Regardless of terminology, Fast “Burn” or Activation Temperature, the concept is the same – ZDDP chemistry requires heat and load to initiate the chemical reaction that forms the phosphate glass film that provides the sacrificial anti-wear film. With regards to the different types and names of Zinc (ZDDP, ZDP, ZDTP, etc…), they are just naming… Continue reading

What makes Carb Defender™ different from all the other Ethanol additives at my local parts store? Carb Defender™ provides powerful and targeted protection for carburetors and mechanical fuel pumps against corrosive damage and gummy deposits caused by Ethanol blended fuels (E10 up to E98). No other product is formulated for the specific needs of Carburetors… Continue reading